The first half of Spring has really seemed to of zoomed by and with good reason I’m beyond excited by the distraction that has kept me away from the regular posts I was hoping to get up; so, it’s time I get into the full swing of things here on the blog and also get the happy news officially out there – We’re expecting our first baby, due February 2017!  And a little girl at that!  I have just hit 24 weeks, so it’s crazy to think that we’re now over the half way point.  We are beyond excited and have so many thoughts and feelings and aspirations for our little family in the making.

This photo was taken exactly 4 weeks ago, during a precious kick boxing session that was taking place in my belly.  And yep, it doesn’t particularly look like I’m with child does it!  Our wee one has certainly taken her sweet time in making her presence visibly known the outside world, with me only really developing a bump over the past couple of weeks, so we’re really itching to get out there and finally take some photos to capture the last few months of this journey before the next part of our adventure starts together!  What also adds to this special juncture is that I also just turned 30 last week, so I feel as though I’m entering two new amazing stages of life at the same time… Ah I’m so loved up!

Author: Becky Jayne

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