Let me introduce to the world our daughter, Jia Rosemary!

We welcomed our precious firstborn earthside at 7.26pm on the 12th February 2017 and David and I just couldn’t be more smitten even if we tried – it was most certainly the most intensely love filled experience of our lives!

Delivering Jia threw all my expectations around childbirth out of the window; simultaneously being both the most incredible and definitely the most challenging thing I have ever done.  After being told by our obstetrician that I needed to be induced a week prior to our due-date, due to some minor health concerns, her arrival kicked off spontaneously on it’s own accord the day before we were booked to go into the hospital.  From my waters breaking at 3pm, in what I can only describe as a classic cinematographic moment all over the living room floor, to her officially entering the world only 4.5 hours later, it was such a quick event that I’ve had to ask David several times to relay back to me how it all unfolded.  Throwing a bit of a spanner into the works though, her ‘sunny side up’, or spine to spine, position during labour proved to make Jia’s birth a little rough and we were both left quite bruised and battered after her getting well and truly stuck, needing the guidance of several ‘medical apparatus’ attempts to coax her out.  But then you see them for the first time.  Having her placed straight on my chest, those intense previous minutes just seemed to melt away and looking back and forth between her and David, at our new little family, there is no doubt in my mind that I’d do it all over again.  The love and the wholeness you feel really is indescribable.

The past month has been a whirlwind of precious moments and emotions, settling into our new lives together and getting to know one another.  Who knew she’d be teaching us so much about life already.  Looking over at her now while she naps, it’s still surreal to believe that she’s ours, this incredible little human, who doesn’t seem to go a day without amazing us at how quickly she’s growing and the way she’s starting to wake up to the world and her surroundings; watching the way she observes things is entertainment in itself, that look on her face as she takes it all in – oh she’s a little time waster indeed!

What a wonderful new adventure this is going to be!



Author: Becky Jayne

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