With the end of 2017 just around the corner and about to come into full sight, it seems fitting to lay out my personal aspirations and some resolutions of sorts before the new year begins tomorrow.  I’ve been doing these ‘x amount of things before my next birthday’ type of lists for a good few years now, but I regret to say that none have been completed in their entirety…  I was so determined for my ’31 before 31′ this year, but atlas a newborn certainly does take centre stage and quite rightly so, hehe.  And realistically, it probably makes more sense to have a list to achieve before my next ‘milestone’ birthday, rather than an ever increasing list each year!  So with a bit of a resolution re-vamp and by popping it up on here for all to see, I hope it will help keep me accountable to all the things I want to achieve during the next few years of life and perhaps anyone reading this may find a little inspiration of their own to do the same.  

For the past couple of months since my birthday, I’ve found myself going through a rather reflective time of self-contemplation and reassessment.  I love the life I have, but wholeheartedly believe we should strive to be the best version of ourselves, always pushing our boundaries and stepping outside of that dreaded comfort zone that I find far too easy to slip into.  They don’t necessarily have to be big things; many things I want to do may seem insignificant to others, but they’re things I want to do none the less.  And that’s the point of it all right?  To feel fulfilled within our daily comings and goings, to feel like we’ve made the most of what we have and to be always be looking forward while simultaneously enjoying the present.

So here we go, the 35 things I want to tick off in before hitting 35:

  1. Create my own line of artsy/crafty products
  2. Become best friends with my DSRL camera
  3. Go on family hikes
  4. Become completely self-employed
  5. Record my thoughts – keep a written journal
  6. Sketch every day for a month
  7. Read at least 6 books a year
  8. Do a class on Skillshare every month
  9. Learn to play the cello (that I brought several years ago..)
  10. Become proficient in Korean – be able to hold a conversation
  11. Really get into the swing of things with blogging
  12. Travel somewhere new
  13. Practice yoga regularly
  14. Meditate every day
  15. Type out my Great Grandparents war and immigration journals
  16. Embrace my inner crazy plant lady
  17. Make 2018 fittest and healthiest year yet
  18. Practice gratitude every day
  19. Live authentically and with intent
  20. Make art out of pressed flowers
  21. Paint with watercolours
  22. Learn to drive a manual car
  23. Be more organised
  24. Get nifty with some up-cycling projects
  25. Make a cork board out of wine corks
  26. Cultivate our own vegetable garden
  27. Make the leap from pescetarian to vegetarian
  28. Get comfortable in front of the camera
  29. Become a baking wiz
  30. Introduce holistic health practices into our everyday lives
  31. See a classical ballet
  32. Take more videos and learn video editing
  33. Travel around NZ in a camper van
  34. Finish landscaping our tiny garden
  35. Learn to do calligraphy

It’s great thinking about what direction you want to take next and being able to look back on the last 12 months, noting all that’s happened.  Time really does go by to quickly… and quicker by each year it seems.  To be completely honest, I feel like I’ve lost my creative-self as I’ve grown up and a lot of the things I used to enjoy doing have somehow been pushed to the wayside with typical excuse of “I don’t have time”, or especially now the “I’m too tired”.  Theres’s certainly a balancing act between learning to be a mother and remembering to still be your own person; it’s a challenge to put yourself first anymore.  And while being a mum is wholeheartedly part of my essence of being, to be the best example to Jia I think that I have to show her that I’m constantly striving to learn and grow as an individual.

Whether or not anyone else sees this, I feel this post is needed on my part as a bit of a personal pep-talk… and in a roundabout way, also for a bit of self-love and gratitude.  2017 was a year of change and adaptation and I think 2018 will be the year to really thrive.

I’ve got this.  And for all the new mums out there learning to juggle the woman you were and now are, or for anyone just wanting to fill their life with all the fulfilling goodness you deserve, you’ve got this to x

Author: Becky Jayne

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