With the end of 2017 just around the corner and about to come into full sight, it seems fitting to lay out my personal aspirations and some resolutions of sorts before the new year begins tomorrow.  I’ve been doing these ‘x amount of things before my next birthday’ type of lists for a good few years now, but I regret to say that none have been completed in their entirety…  I was so determined for my ’31 before 31′ this year, but atlas a newborn certainly does take centre stage and quite rightly so, hehe.  And realistically, it probably makes more sense to have a list to achieve before my next ‘milestone’ birthday, rather than an ever increasing list each year!  So with a bit of a resolution re-vamp and by popping it up on here for all to see, I hope it will help keep me accountable to all the things I want to achieve during the next few years of life and perhaps anyone reading this may find a little inspiration of their own to do the same.  

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