As my first official post here on MOSSWOOD+MINT – Ahoy!  Hello there!

Despite Spring dancing on the horizon (or perhaps just wishful thinking), it has only recently really started to feel like Winter is transpiring, with the cooler air tip toeing in to greet me in the mornings, the smell of constant damp earth and golden brown hues that have flittered down from the trees and now permanently line the pavement.  And I’m sure like many people, I always feel inspired to start afresh with the thought of each new season ahead, like it brings with it a new atmosphere and attitude; a time to try something different.  I have long sat on the side lines when it comes to blogs and have been following some amazing people over the years, getting drawn into the ever expanding online collectiveness of inspiration and ideas and for a prolonged amount time it is something I have also wanted to dabble with.  So here I am, finally putting an end to my procrastination and actually doing it.  Whether anyone stumbles across my little corner in the world I’m not sure, but at this moment I am happy just being an unknown presence having finally taken a step ever so slightly outside of my comfort zone.  My vision for this little project is for it to incorporate all aspects of life – my hubby-of-a-side-kick, capturing creative spurts, consumption of edible delights, sight-seeing expeditions and everyday happy little life moments all on camera, recording the repertoire that is our life together.  Most likely, it will probably just be me and my thoughts, chit chattering way!

I relish in surrounding spaces that are full of inspirational conversation starting bits n’ bobs (some may call it unnecessary clutter) and that exude an array of home comforts and that it what I want this site to be – a space where you can come on in, snuggle back into a heavily cushioned couch with a great big cup of tea (or caffeine hit of your choice) and feel like home – I really hope you like it here!

Becky xo

Author: Becky Jayne

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