I’m Becky – Hello!

Originally from a wee coastal English town and now lucky enough to call New Zealand home, I live in what one could consider a ‘tiny home’ with my husband David, our daughter Jia and Zach the border collie.  I’m part designer, part writer, part photo-taker, who is ever so partial to rainy days and oversized knitwear – I am so glad you’ve stumbled across my collective corner on the internet!

MOSSWOOD+MINT was literally a lightbulb moment for me.  Somehow while getting lost in the mix of the ‘norms’ of life and who I thought I should be, I somehow forgot who I quintessentially am… so thus MW+M was born.  A starting point.  An outlet and that little bit of push I needed to get my mind back on track, with creative utilities in my hands.  A space where I hope others will find inspiration and the drive to do what it is that they love.  Along with my creations and tidbits, I hope to share the little aspects and moments that make my world what it is; here you’ll find tips and lessons learned, stories and photographs from our everyday lives, our adventures and creative spurts around the home.

You’ll notice as you mosey around that this spills over into a few different sections on this here site; with creative juices overflowing from having always doing some form or another of blogging, I recently set up shop offering a bespoke copywriting service for other creative businesses, along with a curated selection of heartfully designed items.  I relish in surrounding spaces that are full of inspirational conversation starting bits n’ bobs (some may call it unnecessary clutter) and that exude an array of home comforts – and that it what I want this site to be – a space where you can come on in, snuggle back into a heavily cushioned couch with a great big cup of tea (or caffeine hit of your choice) and feel like home.  I really hope you like it here xo