I have to say, this new journey our little family set sail upon has thus far been the most incredible adventure and I can’t quite believe we’ve had 7 and a half months with this precious little human!  Parenthood has been so much more than I could have ever imagined; days are graced with a different kind of hard, but filled always with a new kind of wonderful and each day she makes me feel beyond privileged to be her mother.  It feels as though we’ve finally coming out of the survival-mode you’re thrown into as new parents and things are starting to click into place with trying to balance being a mother and still being ‘me’ and being ‘us’.  Of course the balancing act is still a work in progress and things will constantly be changing and evolving, as life always does – nothing indeed stays still for long.

The saying of ‘long days and short years’ certainly does rings true with babies though, doesn’t it?  With the blink of an eye, these past months have simply evaporated and we now have this amazing tiny person who is finding her own place in the world already.  It is incredible to see her processing and exploring her surroundings, just watching her observe and react to smallest of things is teaching us in return to appreciate and enjoy the simplest of things.  She really is growing now in leaps and bounds, everyday leaving us in awe and filling us with so much love.

Braving the crisp winds that the advancing Spring brings, we recently headed out to Muriwai for a bit of golden hour family time to watch the sun leave the day.  As Jia’s first visit to the beach, it made me a tad nostalgic thinking about the last time we visited our iconic coastline was the night before she was born.  I was actually having very mild contractions that afternoon as we walked through the dunes, half brushing them off as braxton hicks (although very well knowing they didn’t feel like any of the other brixton hicks I had previously had) and nervously joking around saying how crazy it would be if I started going into labour..  Oh how our world was about to go through such an incredibly beautiful life shifting change!

And to add another level of nostalgia, I’ve just realised that I’m wearing pretty much the exact outfit as in my Wellington post from May last year and those pictures were actually taken one week before we found out we were expecting!

Breathing in the salty air and taking in the views with my love and our little love was bliss.  If there’s any place to feel reflective and appreciative, it’s right here, standing up on the cliffs looking out at the vastness of this world.

Photos courtesy of my wonderful Hubby

Author: Becky Jayne

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  • I love reading this – it feels warm. It’s such a sweet memory. Sometimes I feel like I want to keep all these memories inside a glass bottle that I can carry with me everywhere. haha. I come from a big family, and sometimes when I look at my younger siblings, I couldn’t grasp the idea of them not being so little anymore (the fact that they’re all taller than me!). Time does fly.

    • Oh how lovely it would be to bottle them up somehow! I wish she’d stay little forever, but at the same time I can’t wait to see her grow!