Ok, how is it that we’re already midway through April… I really need to up my ante on the blogging front!  I’m sure though that I can be excused with being ever so slightly preoccupied by the little human bundle currently sleeping it out on my chest hehe.  Along with being quite possibly the cutest little time waster I’ve ever laid my eyes on, motherhood is just so much more than I could have ever imagined and has really got me mulling over and re-evaluating quite a few things; I’m quickly coming to the realisation that time is slipping by way too quickly for my liking, so it’s time to fill up my cup, to live as authentically and passionately as possible.

And with that note, I intend for MOSSWOOD+MINT to be a driver of that.

It’s so easy to become inspired, to be consumed by ideas, but actually making things happen is where I have previously fallen short.  So it’s time to take on a new direction, to take action and actually get things done.  And that’s all going to be reflected and recorded here on the blog.  With the help of my hubby-of-a-side-kick, we’re going to be taking MW+M on a bit of a journey.  Not only do I want to just create more content, but I want to create to my little hearts content; it’s time to tick off that number one item on my ‘30 before 31‘ list and get making.

I’ve always had the dream to be an artist of sorts, to sit in my own studio sipping away on a cup of tea while contemplatively staring at my work wondering where to take it next.  So that’s what we will be doing.  I will be officially setting up shop and creating.  What will we be making say you?  I’ve long been passionate about furniture, especially with the up-cycling/revival of secondhand and antique pieces, so it feels only natural to hone in on this area.  Not only this, and dreaming big here people, but I would love to create a line that is reflective of the cosy home environment I’m so fond of (a homebody at heart am I!), so there will other cohesive homeware items being made and curated, with the odd touch of macrame to!  I’m so excited to get this venture under way, so do watch this space!


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